See Bruce Vilanch Guest On Candis Cayne’s Secret Garden

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Experience inspiration and entertainment this Pride Month with Candis Cayne’s groundbreaking new series, Candis Cayne’s Secret Garden, from the Advocate Channel, now available on Hulu!

Candis Cayne, renowned as the first transgender actress to portray a recurring transgender character in a primetime series (Dirty Sexy Money), is a pioneering actress, fashion icon, classically trained dancer, and now an expert gardener. In this captivating series, Cayne welcomes viewers into her private backyard haven, presenting a unique blend of beauty, healing, camp, and compassion. Candis Cayne’s Secret Garden transcends traditional gardening shows, celebrating resilience, creativity, and personal expression.

Kristen Carroll, CEO of SpoPro (Spotlight Productions), recognizes the importance of Hulu platforming Secret Garden. “We are delighted that Candis Cayne’s Secret Garden is now on Hulu, which has shown a tremendous commitment to the LGBTQ community,” Carroll remarks. “This show is a testament to SpoPro’s belief in the power of amplifying marginalized voices, and we believe it will resonate with audiences of all backgrounds. As Candis always reminds us, ‘Good things happen when you get a little dirty!’”

For Cayne, the opportunity to create this new series was a healing experience, one in which she hopes to share with viewers, in light of all the increased strife that the LGBTQ+ community has faced in recent years. “All you have to do is turn on the news to get a glimpse of the negativity our community has been facing. It reminds us that it’s more important than ever to live our most authentic, beautiful, multi-faceted, messy, joyous lives,” Cayne comments. “That’s why I created my show. It’s sort of [like] Pee-wee’s Playhouse meets [Martha Stewart’s] Martha Gardens—it’s full of camp and glamor, kindness and cocktails, and just a dash of shade.”

Candis Cayne’s Secret Garden’s debut is one of two original series from the Advocate Channel launching on Hulu this Pride Month. Along with Candis Cayne’s show, the Out100 Specials 2021-2023 are now part of the Hulu Has Pride celebration and are available in the Hulu Has Pride hub, serving you with your next streaming obsession, timed perfectly with Pride Month.

Celebrate Pride Month with Candis Cayne and her Secret Garden, now streaming on Hulu!

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