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Bruce Vilanch Honors Toni Basil At PDS’s Gypsy Award Ceremony

Tuesday, May 8th, 2018

Broadway World
BWW Feature: PDS’s Star-Studded Luncheon and Gypsy Award Ceremony at The Beverly Hilton Hotel International Ballroom
Valerie-Jean Miller May. 5, 2018

Bruce Vilanch, Toni Basil

There’s a certain feeling that invades my consciousness when I attend a Dancer’s Event…

It is a deep, passionate, all-encompassing love amongst it’s members. And that is what I was feeling, attending a most prestigious (in my opinion) Event; The Professional Dancer’s Society 2018 Annual Luncheon & “Gypsy” Award Ceremony, held in the International Room at the Beverly Hilton. Read More

Bruce Honors Carol Channing In Cinematic Tribute, “Larger Than Life”

Monday, April 25th, 2011
Carol Channing preparing to speak to an adorin...

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Carol Channing: Larger Than Life
Reviewed By: Leslie (Hoban) Blake · Apr 25, 2011 · New York

Dori Berinstein’s loving cinematic tribute, Carol Channing: Larger Than Life, now premiering at the Tribeca Film Festival, is a cornucopia of favorite moments from the nonagenarian’s 60-plus years in the spotlight, as well as a glimpse into her current personal life. In both cases, Berinstein shows just how smart, funny, and gracious the star is both on and offstage.

The film’s title has several meanings, from Channing’s height (at 5’9) to her gigantic smile, and outsized personality. She was literally too big for the screen, appearing in only a few films — including her Oscar-nominated role in Thoroughly Modern Millie — but she happily played to generations of theatergoers in such shows as Lend an Ear, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, and her own signature magnum opus, Hello Dolly. Read More