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Tuesday, May 29th, 2018

Film School Rejects
John DiLillo
APRIL 10, 2018

In the 1970s, blockbuster sequels were hard to come by. Studios used franchising to paper up holes in their release schedule, rushing follow-ups into production to cash in on valuable IP as soon as possible. Miniscule budgets and quick production turnarounds made movies like the James Bond series consistently popular, but big-budget franchises were nowhere to be found.

The release of Steven Spielberg’s Jaws in 1975 changed things, but only slightly. Universal gave its 1978 successor a relatively sizeable budget, more than four times that of the original Jaws. And it seemed to work: For a brief period, Jaws 2 was the most financially successful sequel of all time, making almost $200 million worldwide on a $30 million dollar budget. Read More

You Can Now Get The 1979 Original Off-Broadway Cast “Festival”By Stephen Downs/Randal Martin/Bruce Vilanch

Tuesday, May 29th, 2018

Festival – Original Off-Broadway Cast – Stephen Downs/Randal Martin/Bruce Vilanch

Festival - Cast Recording

Stephen Downs (3)

Stephen Downs (3), Randal Martin, Bruce Vilanch (7)

Stephen Downs (3), Randal Martin

Recording Details


Audio / Stage Cast


US / NY / New York

David Spear (2)

Bill Hutton (13), Tina Johnson (5), Michael Magnusen, Maureen McNamara (3), Lindy Nisbet, Roxann Parker (3), Michael Rupert (47), Leon Stewart (2), Robin Taylor (2), John Windsor Read More

Bruce Vilanch Attends The Hollywood Icon Awards Honoring Lyn and Norman Lear

Sunday, May 20th, 2018

Broadway World
Pierce Brosnan Presents Hollywood Icon Award To Lyn And Norman Lear
TV News Desk May. 4, 2018

Bruce Vilanch

Lyn and Norman Lear were awarded the Hollywood Icon Award at the Women’s Guild Cedars-Sinai 60th Anniversary Diamond Jubilee Gala at The Beverly Hilton last night. Actor and film producer Pierce Brosnan presented the award to the lifelong philanthropists and legendary television pioneer and four-time Emmy winner. The Lears join the ranks of past recipients including Billy Crystal, Wendy and Leonard Goldberg, Lauren Shuler and Richard Donner, Fay and Frank Mancuso, Judy and Bernard Briskin, Dr. Bruce Gewertz, Dr. Ed Phillips, and Vera and Paul Guerin. Read More

Bruce Vilanch Honors Toni Basil At PDS’s Gypsy Award Ceremony

Tuesday, May 8th, 2018

Broadway World
BWW Feature: PDS’s Star-Studded Luncheon and Gypsy Award Ceremony at The Beverly Hilton Hotel International Ballroom
Valerie-Jean Miller May. 5, 2018

Bruce Vilanch, Toni Basil

There’s a certain feeling that invades my consciousness when I attend a Dancer’s Event…

It is a deep, passionate, all-encompassing love amongst it’s members. And that is what I was feeling, attending a most prestigious (in my opinion) Event; The Professional Dancer’s Society 2018 Annual Luncheon & “Gypsy” Award Ceremony, held in the International Room at the Beverly Hilton. Read More

Video: The Fabulous Allan Carr (2018) Trailer

Tuesday, May 8th, 2018

Bruce Vilanch

The Fabulous Allan Carr (2018) documentary trailer, feat. Allan Carr, Bruce Vilanch, Sherry Lansing, Lorna Luft, Jeanne Wolf, and more, about the decadent lifestyle of cultural LGBT and Hollywood icon and hit filmmaker Allan Carr.

Documentarian Jeffrey Schwarz (VITO, I AM DIVINE, TAB HUNTER CONFIDENTIAL, etc.) explores the decadence of 70’s and 80’s of Hollywood and the flamboyant producer, TV personality Allan Carr who brought sensations like GREASE and LA CAGE AUX FOLLES to the world and debacles like CAN’T STOP THE MUSIC and the ’89 Academy Awards with Snow White! With a loaded Rolodex and a secluded Benedict Canyon residence, with its own disco, Allan Carr threw the Hollywood Parties that defined the 1970’s. Read More

Video: Bruce Vilanch on “The 1989 Oscars” with Rob Lowe and Snow White

Tuesday, May 8th, 2018

Bruce Vilanch,  Bette Midler T-shirt, Illustration

For Full Interview: Click Here