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Scrooge & Marley Teaser Vid: Upcoming Movie Asks What If Scrooge Was Gay?

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WATCH: The Gay Ghosts of Christmas Visit Scrooge
July 18, 2012

Starring: Bruce Vilanch, David Moretti, Ronnie Kroell, David Pevsner, Megan Cavanagh, Rusty Schwimmer, and Tim Kazurinsky. Also directed by my favorite new director, Richard Knight, Jr. Congrats to everyone on this project…looks to be totally entertaining! You can also donate to the independent film’s completion…check out how!

What if Ebenezer Scrooge was gay? That’s the premise of an update of the Charles Dickens’s classic tale of redemption, A Christmas Carol. 

The Lair’s David Moretti costars with comic Bruce Vilanch and Playgirl model-turned-actor Ronnie Kroell in Scrooge & Marley, an upcoming holiday comedy that puts a gay spin on the venerable holiday favorite. In the retelling veteran actor David Pevsner will offer a unique take on the miserly Scrooge and will appear alongside A League of Their Own’s Megan Cavanagh, Drop Dead Diva’s Rusty Schwimmer, and Saturday Night Live alum Tim Kazurinsky. Scrooge & Marley is being co-directed by Richard Knight, Jr. and Peter Neville. To donate to the independent film’s completion, go here.

Watch the teaser below: