Oh No You Didn’t! Michael Musto!

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New York
James Murphy vs. Michael Musto: It’s On!
3/26/10 at 4:45 PM

After snippets of two new LCD Soundsystem songs, “Drunk Girls” and “Pow Wow” (from the band’s still-untitled May album), leaked yesterday, a full version of the former has made its way to the Internet. But before we get to that — what’s Michael Musto’s response to getting straight dissed on “Pow Wow”?! During the segment currently available, in the brief moments when he’s not chanting “pow,” James Murphy sends out this missive to the Village Voice columnist: “Oh eat it, Michael Musto/You’re no Bruce Vilanch.” Sensibly, the Voice got Musto to retort this morning, and we learned a lot: comparing Musto to his pal Vilanch is “like saying ‘Sandra Bullock can never be Barbara Walters,’” it’s not pronounced “MOO-sto” (MAH-sto, then?), and James Murphy can “suck it.” Awesome! It’s not like we needed a funny fake feud to get psyched for the new LCD album, but it’s certainly not hurting.

Oh, and “Drunk Girls”? Romping, hilarious (“drunk girls wait an hour to pee”?), and superb (already our second favorite song with the words “drunk” and “girls” in the title). Surprisingly, though, Murphy’s sounding more like the brash world-beater from his band’s self-titled debut than the wise nightlife vet from Sound of Silver. Are you sure it’s time to hang it up, James?

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