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Of course you can put the commercial up! Bruce did teach a class. He not only shared many wonderful stories about the industry and revealed his new book is to be about him writing the three worst television shows ever: The Brady Bunch Variety Hour, The Star Wars Christmas Special (starring Bea Arthur! Yikes!) and The Paul Lynde Halloween Special. His biggest points were that to be a successful writer in Hollywood you really had to live there so you could keep your ear to the ground. I was able to put the treatment for my show “Life’s A Drag” in his hands for him to read as well.

As for Divine Madness, my fave, he spoke about how he was frustrated that they changed the show around so it ended on a serious note because Bette was wanting to be taken seriously as an actress and wanted to show off her serious side but if she hadn’t done that handstand at the end it would have just been too serious for him. They always ended her shows on a funny, up note but not the movie. He had also written (as you may know) the Michael Jackson Special that was about to happen before he died and was asked to work on the funeral as well. He turned it down, as did many, many writers and performers because they just felt it was in bad taste. What I didn’t realize is he was Paul Lynde‘s writer for Hollywood Squares and most of those hilarious one liners he said from the center square were all Bruce.

Hope your birthday was a great one! Let me know if you need anything else!


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