Bay Area Review: Tru Loved

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Mister D: Here’s a review of Bruce Vilanch’s new movie playing at the Castro this Saturday. The movie continues to garner great reviews so try and check it out if it comes your way. To see reviews of the other films playing: Click Here

Bay Area Reporter
New queer paradigms
Highlights from the 32nd San Francisco International LGBT Film
by David Lamble
Issue: Vol. 38 / No. 25 / 19 June 2008

Tru Loved

This ensemble piece sprinkled with known movement figures (Dave Kopay, Alex Mapa, Bruce Vilanch) tells the story of a high school sophomore blessed with two gay moms and two gay dads, but cursed with a three-year sentence at a bland Southland academy. Tru soon finds herself with two boyfriends: one, a cute but closeted African American quarterback; the other, a blonde Adonis raised by a queer uncle. Stewart Wade keeps the talented cast from sinking to the piece’s camp potential, and provides a diverting 99 minutes with all the right messages. (Castro, 6/21, 25)