Marc Saltarelli & Bruce Vilanch Talk ‘Studio One Forever’

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Video: Documentarian Marc Saltarelli & Gay Icon Bruce Vilanch Talk ‘Studio One Forever’
By Mister D
May 3, 2024

Documentarian Marc Saltarelli and gay Icon Bruce Vilanch Discuss ‘Studio One Forever’ with Dennis Hensley on the podcast ‘Dennis Anyone?’

Documentary and Participants:

  • Dennis hosts a conversation via Zoom with Marc Saltarelli, who directed the documentary “Studio One Forever.”
  • Bruce Vilanch, who appears in the film and was a regular at the club during its heyday, also joins the discussion.

Club History and Controversies:

  • They delve into the vibrant and sometimes controversial history of Studio One, a renowned disco club.
  • The club’s treacherous back stairs become a topic of conversation.
  • Interestingly, while many associate Studio One as a rip-off of Studio 54, it’s actually the other way around.

Founder’s Vision and Inclusion:

  • Scott Forbes, the club’s founder, is discussed. His vision didn’t always include people who didn’t resemble him, such as women and people of color.

Early AIDS Benefits and Joan Rivers:

  • The conversation touches on the early AIDS benefits held in the Backlot cabaret space at Studio One.
  • One of these benefits was headlined by Joan Rivers and caused significant controversy, even leading to death threats against her family. Nevertheless, the show went on!

Unexpected Discovery and Memories:

  • A treasure trove of Studio One photos was discovered in an unlikely place.
  • They reflect on the courage it took for gay men of that era to line up on Robertson Boulevard to enter the club.
  • Certain songs always evoke memories of Studio One for Bruce and Marc.

The legacy of Studio One lives on through these discussions and memories!

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