“Outstanding: A Comedy Revolution” – Celebrating Queer Stand-Up Comedy

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Netflix is set to premiere the groundbreaking documentary “Outstanding: A Comedy Revolution” globally on June 18. This feature-length film delves into the rich history of queer stand-up comedy, exploring how it has served as an instrument for social change over the past five decades. Through a combination of stand-up performances, interviews, and archival materials, the documentary sheds light on the trailblazing work of LGBTQ+ comedians who have actively challenged cultural norms and values.

The film features an impressive lineup of comedians and historians who share their insights and experiences:

Lily Tomlin: A legendary performer known for her wit and iconic characters.
Sandra Bernhard: A fearless comedian and actress who has pushed boundaries.
Wanda Sykes: A trailblazer who fearlessly tackles social issues in her comedy.
Hannah Gadsby: The brilliant mind behind the groundbreaking show “Nanette.”
Tig Notaro: Known for her deadpan delivery and poignant storytelling.
Rosie O’Donnell: A beloved TV personality and advocate for LGBTQ+ rights.
Margaret Cho: A fearless voice who has challenged stereotypes.
Bob The Drag Queen: A drag performer who combines humor and activism.
Trixie Mattel: A drag queen, singer, and comedian with a devoted following.

Historians and Insights

The documentary also features interviews with historians who provide context and depth:

Dave Holmes: Offering historical perspectives on queer comedy.
Roger Mason: Sharing insights into the evolution of LGBTQ+ stand-up.
Shar Jossell: Discussing the impact of comedy on social change.
Susan Stryker: Providing valuable context from an academic standpoint.
Kate Aurthur (Variety Editor-at-Large): Offering journalistic insights.

Bruce Vilanch and Other Notable Interviewees

Among other comedians interviewed are Bruce Vilanch, Fortune Feimster, Gina Yashere, Guy Branum, James Adomian, Jim David, Joel Kim Booster, Judy Gold, KJ Whitehead, Mae Martin, Marsha Warfield, Matteo Lane, Patti Harrison, River Butcher, Robin Tran, Robin Tyler, Roz Hernandez, Scott Thompson, Solomon Georgio, Suzanne Westenhoefer, and Todd Glass.

Director’s Perspective

“Outstanding: A Comedy Revolution” is written and directed by Page Hurwitz. Hurwitz emphasizes the power of comedy to unite people and praises the comedians featured in the film for their trailblazing work. She hopes the documentary will honor their contributions to LGBTQ+ history and inspire audiences to discover new comedy heroes.

World Premiere and Netflix Release

Before its Netflix release, “Outstanding” will have its world premiere at the 2024 Tribeca Festival on June 7. Netflix greenlit the project almost two years ago, intending to complement their comedy special “Stand Out: An LGBTQ+ Celebration.”

The documentary premieres globally on June 18 on Netflix, following its world premiere at the 2024 Tribeca Film Festival on June 7. Get ready to laugh, learn, and celebrate the trailblazing work of LGBTQ+ comedians who have fearlessly taken the stage and changed the world, one punchline at a time! ???