THE STAR WARS HOLIDAY SPECIAL — Part Two with Bruce Vilanch

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OMG OMG OMG Bruce Vilanch!

Part two of the Monday Afternoon Movie holiday special has arrived, and it has brought with it not frankincense and myrrh, but definitely two wise men in Sam Pancake and THE legendary Bruce Vilanch. We just had to include him in any conversation revolving around the Star Wars holiday special as he was one of the writers of this “timeless” classic. Bruce also touches on some of the other greatest hits of his career, such as Mahogany, The Paul Lynde Halloween Special, and a plethora of 1970s and 1980s television variety shows with Donnie and Marie and the Brady Bunch. Also find out what Bruce thinks wookies sound like, and what Paul Lynde loved about Gene Simmons.

Happy New Year (and Life Day!) from Sam Pancake and everyone at Monday Afternoon Movie & TableCakes!

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