Bruce Vilanch Attends The Premiere Of ‘Dicks: The Musical’

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Bruce Vilanch Attends The Premiere Of ‘Dicks: The Musical
By Mister D
Sept 19, 2023

Bruce Vilanch arrives at the premiere of "Dicks: The Musical" on Monday, Sept. 18, 2023, at the Fine Arts Theater in Beverly Hills, Calif.

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Bruce Vilanch Attends The Premiere Of ‘Dicks: The Musical – WhaddaYaNeedToKnow?

“Dicks: The Musical” is a unique and offbeat film musical that stands out for its unconventional approach. Here are the key details:

  • Production: This is the first film musical from A24, a renowned production company. The director is Larry Charles, who is known for his work on “Borat”.
  • Plot: The plot revolves around two twins, Craig Tittle and Trevor Brock, portrayed by Aaron Jackson and Josh Sharp. Despite being neighbors and top earners at the same company, they were unaware of each other’s existence. Upon discovering their kinship, they concoct a plan to reunite their long-separated parents.
  • Cast: The cast boasts Broadway stars Megan Mullally and Nathan Lane. Additionally, the character of God is narrated by Bowen Yang.
  • Reviews: The film has garnered mixed reviews. While some critics have lauded its rebellious tone and the performances of its leads, others have criticized it for its reliance on shock value and repetitive humor.
  • Opening set for October 6th – limited release

The film’s unique blend of humor and absurdity has led many to believe that it is destined for cult status. It deviates from the typical musical format, making it a recommended watch for those who enjoy unconventional comedy.

Won the People’s Choice Award at the Toronto Film Festival

Dicks: The Musical – Red Band Trailer