Bruce Vilanch will be awarded with The Thrive Tribe Humanitarian Advocate Award September 22, 2018

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Bruce Vilanch will be awarded The Thrive Tribe Humanitarian Advocate Award
by Christopher Rudolph 9/19/2018

Bruce Vilanch,

This upcoming Saturday, September 22, The Thrive Tribe, a non-profit using a peer-to-peer model to fight against HIV, will be celebrating its 20th anniversary with a star-studded celebration in Pasadena, CA.

The “Big Night Masquerade” gala will feature performances, and special guests like out actor Alex Lee (Entourage), and Former Miss Continental 2012, Sasha Colby. At the event legendary writer-comedian Bruce Vilanch will be awarded with The Thrive Tribe Humanitarian Advocate Award.

Logo TV and Finding Prince Charming producer Brian Graden will be honored with this year’s Media Award for the Finding Prince Charmingepisode where contestant Eric Leonardos came out to the other suitors as HIV positive.

Leonardos will also be presented with an HIV Activist Award at the event. 

“All of the [Finding Prince Charming] guys that were still living in the house were very supportive and caring. That’s very important to people living with HIV,” Leonardos told NewNowNext back in 2016, when asked about coming out as positive on the show.

“Studies have shown that people with HIV are more likely to seek treatment and take better care of themselves when they feel the support of those around them,” he continued. “It also helps lessen the stigma around HIV, which reduces people’s overall fear of getting tested.”

For more information on The Thrive Tribe and how to purchase tickets to the masquerade gala click here.

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