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Dear Friends, Family, Fans & Supporters!
Thanks a lot for the great start on our journey to bring this amazing movie out! Let’s Keep the same way!
At a time when many nations throughout the world are experiencing challenging and troubling times, we feel that people need to laugh, to feel inspired, and to realize that only through acceptance and tolerance can we move forward in creating a better world in which to live.
Please see couple of words on a movie from our amazing star, Emmy Award winning comedian & writer, legendary Bruce Vilanch!
So take a break from your stressful life, and help us to spread the word and bring more fun and joy into people’s hearts! Fill them with unconditional love for each other, and at the same time enjoy this hilarious family movie! Together we can change our society without any fighting, pushing and yelling; simply through the great message hidden behind the laugher of our amazing cast!
Your support is extremely appreciated. Every dollar can make a difference! One of a kind rewards are waiting for you! Thank you in advance for your contribution! ( )

Evgeny Afineevsky