I’m Your “Stepping Stone”

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LGBT Weekly
Social Chaos: Allan’s A-List
Thursday, October 20th, 2011

I attended the Stepping Stone boat cruise event, Oct. 5. It was a fantastic experience. I was lucky enough to sit on the same table as the six-time Emmy Award-winner and Oscars writer Bruce Vilanch. Needless to say, I was laughing most of the time. He is an incredible personality with a kind heart. My favorite part was when a loud beeping noise was coming out of the sound system and he immediately screams, “Iceberg! Run for your life!” followed by, “Maybe all these flaming queens in one spot set us on fire!” Congrats to Stepping Stone for a fun event and for their 35 years of great service to our community. I also attended the San Diego Remembers Matthew Shepard candlelight vigil at The Center. Very good attendance and I was surprised to see some of the people I saw there. Congrats to Benny Cartwright and committee for putting this together. I will be going to Palm Springs to attend the EQCA Palm Springs Equality Awards with my dear friend Stuart Milk. Sounds like a fun event.