And Who’s Writing For The Oscars Again?!

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From La Daily Musto
James Franco and Anne Hathaway: Great Oscar Hosts?
By Michael Musto
published: Mon., Jan. 3 2011 @ 10:00AM

​I was just on Judith Regan‘s show on Sirius radio when my husbear Bruce Vilanch phoned in and revealed that he’ll again be writing the jokes for the Oscar telecast.

Vilanch said he recently met with first-time hosts James Franco and Anne Hathaway to see how to optimize their presence on the show, “because they’re not standup comics and they’re not Hugh Jackman–though they both have talent in that area.”

“They’re both good looking,” interjected Regan, and everyone in the studio lit up with agreement and cheered.

Will they be amazing enough to host?

What would you like to see them do beyond just standing there and looking attractive?