Bruce Vilanch Gives Shout Out To Bootleg Betty And We Got Bruce

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Mister D: Bruce Vilanch was kind enough to give me blurbs for Bootleg Betty and We Got Bruce (which he has bequeathed his official site). I haven’t quite figured out where to put them yet (may call for a little alteration in design), but I’m excited, thrilled, and honored that I just had to share the good news. Here they are:

For Bootleg Betty: “Bootleg Betty is my favorite waste of time.” ~ Bruce Vilanch

For We Got Bruce: “We Got Bruce knows more about me than my gynecologist. wait, that doesn’t sound right…” ~ Bruce Vilanch

Anyway, I would just like to thank Mr. Vilanch for taking the time to do this. It really means a lot coming from someone who has been an inspiration to me for some 35 plus odd years. And from the man who has worked so steadfastly with my diva extraordinaire, Bette Midler. Thank you so much!

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