Vilanch And Vincent de Paul Sign On To “Walk a Mile in My Pradas”

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South Florida Gay News
Vincent de Paul: Doctor, Actor, Sweetheart
Sunday, 11 April 2010 23:06
Written by A. Sebastian Fortino

The multi-faceted Vincent de Paul will be back on his beloved South Beach this week to begin shooting a new film. “Walk a Mile in My Pradas” promises to be a hit with gay audiences, and anyone with a love of whimsical films.

“A lot of films don’t have much heart, but this one does. It spoke to me and I knew it was right,” de Paul said from South Beach, during Miami Fashion Week. “Bruce Vilanch plays a character who has these magical powers that can turn 1 straight man gay and 1 gay man straight in Beverly Hills. It’s pure magic and set during Christmastime.”

The film is written by Rick Karatis. Jason Priestly, Erhys Cooper from Mama Mia, and Tom Archdeacon headline the cast in addition to de Paul and Vilanch.

De Paul is no stranger to whimsical films. He got his start in his native Baltimore in John Waters’ “Hairspray.”

“I didn’t even know who John Waters and Divine were. I was in an Italian folk dance group in Baltimore and they were looking for kids who could do 1960s dances.”

After doing the Mashed Potato for choreographer Ed Love of Alvin Ailey de Paul was booked. The decidedly whimsical way in which he ended up performing would not end there. His modeling career came about when he was on South Beach and was approached to model for Gianni Versace, by Versace himself.

Had he not been approached that day by Versace he would have stayed in his initial profession, working with not so lively characters. His family was in the funeral home business back in Baltimore. The dashing de Paul initially embarked on a career in mortuary science at Mt. Sinai Hospital.

Despite his jet setting ways, he is a good old-fashioned Italian boy at heart. “I try to get back to Baltimore to see my family quite often, every holiday. I also still work with independent producers following in the Baltimore tradition of John Waters. I believe in the work of small producers. I’d love to find the next Precious,” says de Paul.

In addition to having fame, talent, a medical degree and an amazing body, de Paul possesses a genuine personality that can only be called simpatico. The time spent interviewing de Paul was refreshing, like talking to a Baltimore native over soft shell crabs. His insights into his career never came across as boastful. His modesty was delightful, and implies he knows the “now” is not what makes an actor. It is the ability to befriend his public and focus on craft—not celebrity.

Among other projects de Paul has been involved with is—a remake of one of the gayest movies ever made. Here’s a hint, “But you are Blanche! You are in that chair!” He assures our readers Bette Davis will not roll over in her grave.

“It was so much fun! The detailing was so meticulous to recreate 1962.” Billy Clift, gay icon and screen legend Montgomery Clift’s nephew, “wrote and directed it. He was amazing to work with, one of the creative types that I love to be around.”

He plays Bill Kovax, a detective who has caught Baby Jane’s eye. The film is an official selection of Frameline34, San Francisco’s LGBT film festival, June 17-27. It will be shown at what de Paul describes as the “magnificent, old, Castro Theater.” You can view trailers on

Whether he is modeling swimsuits for Keva, supporting the community in an AIDS walk, starring in a film, or merely talking to a now star-struck editor, Vincent de Paul’s career will only continue to grow. Why? Because his personality is as winning as his very talented outward appearance.

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