No Nostril Cam for The Pitts

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Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie annoyed by last year`s Oscars `nostril-cam`
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It has come to light that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were more annoyed by a ‘nostril-cam’ than Jennifer Aniston at last year’s Oscars than over Jennifer Aniston’s appearing onstage, comedy writer Bruce Vilanch said.

Vilanch who helps in the writing of the Oscars script had intimated the couple about the camera just minutes before Pitt’s ex-wife Aniston took to the stage. Producers used the camera to cut instantly to a smiling Jolie.

Vilanch who was in NY to host the Nightlife Awards told the New York Post that, “I went to Brad and Angelina, who were sitting in the front row, and warned them they had the nostril cam planted on the floor underneath them, looking up”.
‘Mostly, they were not delighted about the angle, because nobody looks great from there. They knew there would be reaction shots of them, and they knew Aniston was going to be on.

He also revealed that Brad intended to break the cam and said, “They were more bothered about the nostril cam. Brad asked me, ‘Any chance we could kick it and break it?” “If everybody at the Oscars was worried about some ex appearing onstage, there would be nobody in the audience,” Vilanch added.