“Laugh-In” Comics Reunite for Animals; Bruce Vilanch Hosts

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“Laugh-In” Comics Reunite for Animals
Ha-ha-ing, and helping out, rule the day.
Updated 1:45 PM PST, Wed, Nov 11, 2009

“Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In” was famous for serving up a visual and aural cacophony of swirly colors and “pow”-packing punchlines and saucy wordplay. And, of course, a mostly not-clothed, mostly body-painted, given-to-writhing Goldie Hawn.

We’re experiencing the same looking-in-several-places-at-once feeling as we’ve had when we’ve watched episodes of the famous variety show, which ruled the airwaves during the late 1960s. Creating that feeling: the big “Laugh-In” reunion at the Actors & Others for Animals benefit on Saturday, November 14th happening at the Universal City Hilton & Towers.

There’s a lot to say. Deep breath.

Now, to only be as rapid-fire-ish as a “Laugh-In” regular poking his or her head out of a hole in a wall: Bruce Vilanch hosts and several stars like Arte Johnson, Tim Conway, Barbara Feldon (Agent 99!), Nancy Sinatra, Gary Owens, and Jo Anne Worley are set to show.

Jo Anne Worley might be the fizziest, most-full-of-fun human being on television or off. Her style, the bold prints, those “did-she-just-say-that?” jokes, her humongous head bands, and her bangs, the thickest bangs in all of Tinseltownland. We must bow low.

The “Laugh-In” gang and Actors & Others will use funds from the benefit to help out beasties. Read more about the organization’s important mission here, how to get tickets, and other need-to-knows about the Saturday, November 14th event.