Bruce Talks Chaz Bono’s Sex Change…

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In Touch Magazine
Friend Bruce Vilanch ‘wasn’t shocked’ by Chaz Bono‘s sex change

The world may have been more than a little surprised when Chaz Bono announced that he was undergoing a sex change last summer, but the big news didn’t faze the social activist’s longtime pal Bruce Vilanch. “I wasn’t shocked. He had been struggling for a long time with this. He was never comfortable as a woman,” comedian Bruce told In Touch at the amfAR and New Generation Films premiere of Oy Vey! My Son is Gay! in New York on October 29. The Hollywood Squares star knows that the women in Chaz’s life – his famous mother, Cher, and longtime girlfriend Jennifer Elia – also have his back during the tough battle. “She loves Chaz and will support him in whatever he does,” Bruce added of Cher’s feelings toward her son’s dramatic decision. As for Jennifer, Bruce isn’t worried that she will leave Chaz during his time of need. “They love each other and they respect each other, so it will be good,” he said. When the friends, who both starred on season three of Celebrity Fit Club in 2006, initially spoke about the sex change, did Bruce have any advice for Chaz on life as a man? “Remember to put the toilet seat down!” he joked.

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