Did You Get Bruce? Well P-Town Did!

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Ptown’s got Bruce
by Garner Klein
EDGE Contributor
Monday Aug 17, 2009
Bruce Vilanch.
Did you get Bruce?

We did. A whole lot. Again. The never-ending funnyman, stand-up comic and writer can still bank on lesser profile politicians, an ingenious Christina/Cher mash up, and most importantly, himself.

Gus Klein: You regularly make this trip to Ptown. Have you got any new shtick you want to tease us with?

Bruce Vilanch: I’ve just lost 85 lbs, so now I can do that strip I use to threaten people with. Hugh Jackman choreographed it for me. It’s hard to remove the g-string when the iron shafts spring out from between my fingers, but we’ve got an ingenious move for that.

GK: What have you found ironic or humorous this year on a personal level, has it reflected in your work?

BV: Sarah Palin is the gift that just keeps giving, isn’t she? The only thing more surreal is reality television and the only thing more surreal than that is working in reality television.

GK: You recently mentioned you began working on the Michael Jackson tour; what was the synergy in that kind of project?

BV: …Synergy? That’s an awfully big word for a boy your age, Blanket. What does it mean?…

GK: Any new projects you’re working on that teeter on a successful or disaster border?

BV: I’ve been working on a movie that shoots this fall that reunites Christina Aguilera and Cher. They last met in a changing room at Bob Mackie’s. It’s called BURLESQUE and Cher runs the Pussycat Dolls and Christina is a hot new pussy. There will be lots of bumping, grinding and black lace. I can’t wait. I keep writing in hot young boyfriends and nobody seems to mind.

GK: 8 months in, thoughts on Obama?

BV: I’m glad we are holding his feet to the fire, even though that’s a horrifying metaphor. Gay people had to tell him that we will not be regarded as second class citizens, and we’ve done that, and we must continue to do that until he effects change we can believe in. We put up with shit that no other minority would put up with.

GK: It’s been a slow year on a personal level for many people, LGBT included; with unemployment, economy etc; any career advice during tough times?

BV: rentboy.com. 20 more lbs and I place my ad…

GK: You’ve kept a considerable amount of weight off, has it affected any of the characters/people you sometimes introduce yourself as?

BV: Fewer people believe I’m Jerry Garcia now than used to, except in pockets of San Francisco, where they still swear I’m him. I want what they’re smoking.

GK: It’s going to be an eclectic holiday mix of people (as opposed to playing to locals) does that make for an easier or funner crowd? Have you done this venue before?

BV: Ptown is always the most amazing collection of individuals, including locals of all kinds. There are summer people and winter people and Portuguese fisherfolk — I do native dances for them — and then there are strangers from everywhere who’ve seen me on TV or in Hairspray. It’s a smart, rowdy group. I played this Vixen last year and what I principally remember is you have to finish on time because there are sporty lesbians waiting for the pool table and they brook no trout.

Bruce Vilanch performs in the Madeira Room at The Pilgrim House on Friday, 8.21.09; Shows at 7pm & 9pm. For more information visit the Vixen website, or call 508.487.6424 to purchase tickets.

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