Wenda Watch: Class, Commercials, Madness – Divine (That Is)

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I just got back from Palm Springs and wanted to share with you this picture of Bruce and me.

His workshop started at 11 am so the bitch had to be up EARLY to get all this mess on but I wasn’t going to miss it for the world. When I walked into the lobby of Hotel Zoso (guest hotel of The Moxie Project, a project to make Palm Springs a center for Gay entertainment) I was hoping to just say hi to Bruce and maybe get a pic. Imagine my surprise when there he was sitting all alone in the lobby. Well did I pull up a chair or what?? I grilled him about Divine Madness, Paul Lynde, his amazing recent 85 pound weight loss and more. He is (as you know) an absolutely down to earth sweet heart of a guy. I told him I was friends with you and promised to get a picture and he said “Oh! For the website, of course.” and posed with me for this one. I hope you like it. Bruce was also a judge for the commercial making contest they held. The link to my entry is below. Holler if you need any more info on the event or Bruce’s doings!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY again Don! You truly are DIVINE!

Wenda Watch’s Commercial Making Entry:

XOXO Wenda Watch

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