Celebrity Autobiography: Ryan Reynolds, Matthew Perry, and Bruce Vilanch Lined Up

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Los Angeles Times
Ryan Reynolds, Matthew Perry, Bruce Vilanch lined up for ‘Celebrity Autobiography’
5:02 PM, June 2, 2009

Here’s a hot tip for the “reporters” of “TMZ”: The star quotient will be unusually high June 15 outside West Hollywood’s Largo at the Coronet Theatre. That’s because celebrities like Ryan Reynolds, Matthew Perry, Carrie Fisher, Craig Bierko and others will be performing the stage comedy “Celebrity Autobiography: In Their Own Words” for a one-night-only engagement.

The play, which satirizes the profitable literary genre known as the Hollywood autobiography, is a bicoastal theatrical hit, with a version currently playing at New York’s Triad theater on the Upper West Side with a rotating cast. That production recently won a 2009 Drama Desk Award for unique theatrical experience.

In addition to the above-mentioned performers, the L.A. one-night event will also include Fred Willard, Tracee Ellis, Kevin Pollak, Bruce Vilanch, Leslie Ann Warren, Laraine Newman and the show’s creator, Eugene Pack. The performance will benefit the Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital.

“Celebrity Autobiography” originated in L.A. and was later filmed for broadcast on the Bravo cable channel. The show features readings from a rotating roster of real celebrity autobiographies, including those by Sylvester Stallone, Madonna, Elizabeth Taylor, Britney Spears, Mr. T and Ivana Trump.

— David Ng

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