Bruce Vilanch To Star In “H.A.! – The Web Series”

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Press Release
H.A.! The Series – The Web Series by Perry Laylon Ojeda


Broadway actor and critically acclaimed playwright PERRY OJEDA joins forces with Television Legend BRUCE VILANCH, star of THE NANNY CHARLES SHAUGHNESSY, renowned actress DAWN DIDAWICK, Stand-up Comic RYAN HILL, NYC personality SCOTT NEVINS and newcomer ROBERT W. EVANS, and the accomplished comedienne LISA-BETH HARRIS to star in HA! the Series.

This new satiric comedy on the web at, takes on the Ex-Gay Recovery movement. The 16 pod-cast/episodes, which will premier in early 2009, follows the misadventures of a sweet, wanna-be children’s book writer Roger, who is cajoled by his mother to join an Ex-Gay 14-step group (the two extra steps are for COMPLETE RECOVERY!) called Homosexuals Anonymous: H.A.!

Set in the conservative Deep South of America, Roger’s life gets complicated when our hero meets a sexy stranger, a Yoga instructor, who invites him to join a class at the local Young Men’s Christian Association. The two fall in love with delightfully disastrous results.

The high jinks are peppered with original songs with lyrics by Mr. Ojeda and music by RANDY REDD, fresh from his triumph with the hit show THE MUSIC OF JACOB STERLING and Grammy & two-time Emmy Award winner JOHN MCDANIEL, along with a soon to be hit tune from new Latino Hip Hop group MANOLETE. promises to be a political power punch that is timely, topical and hilarious! Based on experiences in the Mormon Church and the real life trauma of attending actual H.A. meetings in his youth, Mr. Ojeda has created a not to be missed comic tragedy that is a sexy biting-satire. Directed by Larry Raben and produced by Polar Bear Productions and Dr. Barry Kohn (the real life doctor who was the basis for Charles Busch’s THE TALE OF THE ALLERGIST’S WIFE), is the beginning of a new wave of web based entertainment that will change how we think about ourselves, bigotry and intolerance. promises to be a political power punch that is timely, topical and hilarious! The stellar cast also includes, Brian Kirchoff, Becca Flinn, Derris Nyle, David Astone, William Ngo, Barry Kohn, Bobby Wise and Michael Solarez.


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