Bruce Vilanch On Obama

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“You know, kids, I had high hopes for Clinton, and then he got in and unleashed ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.’ I had high hopes for Obama, and he … unleashed Rick Warren. So I still have hopes, but I’m no longer high. Like so many well-intentioned straight people, Obama doesn’t get that we are the last minority that can be dumped on without guilt. I don’t see him reaching out to Klansmen in his bid for an inclusive inauguration, but plucking Rick Warren out of deepest Orange County is evidently allowable under current moral codes. The addition of Gene Robinson, clearly an understudy promoted for one matinee, doesn’t even qualify for the title of band-aid. Kids, the only solution for us is to reluctantly, but firmly, vow to be the unpopular people who force our new leader’s feet to the fire on a regular basis. It won’t be the first time we’re unloved. But if that worries you, note that Barney Frank keeps getting re-elected. At least one of us knows how to play the game.”