Modern Tonic: Headshots

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Modern Tonic
WORDS | October 22, 2008
The Impossible Dream

When our forefathers spoke of The American Dream, did they mean that we all have the right to make it big in showbiz? That seems to be one interpretation floating around, judging by Holy Headshot! A Celebration of America’s Undiscovered Talent (on sale October 28). Modern Tonic gave the bittersweet collection of pictures and résumés to our friend Bruce Vilanch to get the awards show-writer/onetime center square’s take on this uniquely American phenomenon. Take it away, Bruce:

“When I was asked to look through a book of ‘bad’ head shots, I naturally assumed I was going to encounter a bunch of pictures of people giving bad head. Who wouldn’t? Imagine my surprise — not one person giving head, good, bad or indifferent. It gave me a fabulous idea. And as soon as I finish rummaging through this book of actors, many of whom I’ve met over the years in head trauma therapy, I will get to work taking some pictures of my nearest and dearest in action. Trust me, it’ll be bad.”

And, so, until Vilanch comes out with his book of bad-head shots, we’ll make do with this one.

Holy Headshot! will be available October 28 from Simon & Schuster Paperbacks. Bruce Vilanch is currently appearing in the film Tru Loved, now playing or opening soon throughout the country; click here for details.