“Tru Loved” To Play Miami Film Festival May 2

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Finally a plucky high school heroine who’s neither pregnant nor a cheerleader! In this delightful second feature from Stewart Wade (Coffee Date), Tru is the new girl in a conservative suburban California high school. If she seems a little aloof and way too grown-up, ask her more about her name and you’ll find out why. Tru as in Gertrude as in Gertrude Stein, so named by her two overprotective Moms. That’s right, two Moms, as in… exactly. You catch on fast! But contrary to school rumor, Tru’s not a lesbian herself. In fact, in a hilariously hetero high school cliché, she’s falling for the quarterback Lo. The only catch is… well, let’s just say Lo takes Tru to a musical on their first date, and he doesn’t even try for a goodnight kiss. See, Lo’s on the Down Low, and this is just the beginning of Tru’s romantic woes. Refreshingly honest and uncommonly wise about the claustrophobia of the closet and the burdens of the beard, this romantic comedy abounds with wry humor, gentle warmth and it has universal appeal. The cast’s older generation is full of faces you know and love from TV and film, including comic legend Bruce Vilanch, Jasmine Guy (A Different World), Jane Lynch (Best In Show, The L Word) Marcia Wallace (The Bob Newhart Show) and Nichelle Nichols (Uhura from the original Star Trek!). The young stars are newbie naturals, and you’ll be rooting for them every step of the way.

Miami Gay and Lesbian Film Festival