Bruce Vilanch Loses Battle with Semi Truck

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Bruce Vilanch Loses Battle with Semi Truck

On April 17, 2008, famed comedic writer Bruce Vilanch lost his battle with a semi truck. Bruce was filming a commercial for a new footwear company called Gravity Defyer. Vilanch was shooting a spoof video of Kobe Bryant’s jump over an Aston Martin.

Hollywood, CA (PRWEB) April 18, 2008 — Famed comedic writer Bruce Vilanch tragically lost his battle with a semi truck in a commercial.

Vilanch was filming the commercial for a new footwear company called Gravity Defyer ( The video is a spoof of Kobe Bryant’s jump over an Aston Martin. In the footage Vilanch gets distracted and never jumps, getting run over by a semi truck. The footage has been released online at

The company Gravity Defyer debuts their technologically advanced footwear this week. Gravity Defyers are scientifically constructed footwear with a patented shock absorption system. Three shock absorbers in every sole give Gravity Defyers ultimate comfort and stability. With each step the hidden shocks absorb the impact walking and running creates.

Each Gravity Defyer is handcrafted using the finest leather, materials, and components from around the world and designed by the best shoe designers from three continents. Bruce Vilanch was a perfect fit for Gravity Defyer.

Winner of two Primetime Emmys, Vilanch attended Ohio State University as a theater and journalism student and graduated with a BFA in theatre in 1970. Known for his witty wisecracking humor Bruce’s career is colorful to a T, literally.

The larger than life personality has a recognizable trademarked look; colorful wacky T-shirts, wild untamed hair, and an avant-garde taste in eye glasses.

He has a musical comedy background and contributed to concert shows starring Bette Midler, Diana Ross, and Michael Feinstein. Vilanch is also known for his writing on a number of awards shows, most notably the Academy Awards. He commands high fees for emergency Hollywood script rewrites, having “punched up” scripts for films like Die Hard 2 and Raiders of the Lost Ark.

He was a favorite on Hollywood Squares with best friend Whoopi Goldberg and was recently on the third edition of Celebrity Fit Club where he lost 21 pounds. In 2005, he starred on Broadway as Edna Turnblad in the musical Hairspray.

His inner circle of friends include an array of entertainment greats such as Bette Midler, Whoopi Goldberg, Elizabeth Taylor, Billy Crystal, Robin Williams, Rosie O’Donnell, Paul Reiser, Lily Tomlin, Roseanne Barr, and many many more.

Vilanch is openly gay, and a supporter of many gay charitable organizations. Vilanch was the subject of two documentaries: Get Bruce (1999) and Laughing Matters…The Men, also released as Laughing Matters: Gay Comedy in America (2007).

Bruce Vilanch is one of the greatest writers entertainment has ever had.