Bruce Chats With “The Movie Queens”

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I’m in New York and chilling out, but I found this from my friend Richard Knight. Jr at Windy City Times out of Chicago. Here are his own words. He’s SO shameless!: 🙂

From the department of shameless self-promotion:

For almost four years now I’ve been writing film reviews and doing interviews for Windy City Times from a queer perspective, and for the last year I’ve also been working on a TV pilot that incorporates those two things—and more. The project is called “Movie Queens,” and my co-host is performer-playwright and fellow film fanatic David Kodeski, who worked as a producer for almost 10 years on “At the Movies with Ebert & Roeper.” I’m happy to announce that the Web site for “Movie Queens” is now online with about 20 minutes of content ( with more to come ) —including a mini-version of our interview with queer icon Bruce Vilanch. Stop on by Movie Queen Manor at and say hello.

And as always, you can check out my archived reviews at or . Readers can leave feedback at the latter Web site, where there is also ordering information on my book of collected film reviews, Knight at the Movies 2004-2006.