LGBT Family Film, “Tru Loved” Starring Bruce Vilanch
Premieres In Sedona At The Sedona International Film Festival

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LGBT Family Film TRU LOVED Premiere, Sedona, AZ

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TRU LOVED, the new film from Stewart Wade (COFFEE DATE) will premiere at the Sedona International Film Festival, which is held in Sedona, AZ from February 27th through March 2nd, 2008.

The film stars Najarra Townsend (ME AND YOU AND EVERYONE WE KNOW), Jake Abel (THE LOVELY BONES) and Matthew Thompson. The film is directed and written by Stewart Wade, and also stars Alexandra Paul, Cynda Williams, Jasmine Guy, Nichelle Nichols, Bruce Vilanch, Alec Mapa and Jane Lynch. Produced by Antonio Brown and Stewart Wade, and executive produced by Eric Borsum and Eric Miller, Tru Loved also features Marcia Wallace, Vernon Wells, JJ Soria and Tye Olson. Elaine Hendrix is the film’s Co-Producer.

Tru, a 16-year-old high school student from San Francisco, is uprooted from her gay-friendly home by her lesbian moms and moved away—not only from San Fran but also from her gay dads—to a new, decidedly more conservative neighborhood in suburban Southern California. Her non-traditional family makes her a bit of an outsider—until high school football hero and BMOC Lodell takes a liking to her.

Traditional boy meets girl love story…or is it?

Lo, as his friends call him, is actually gay and closeted. And in Tru he finds a friend with whom he can really be himself, though still afraid to do the same with his mom, grandmother and closest pals.

When Tru sees and hears the closed-minded comments about homosexuality from her new group of “friends,” she takes a bold step: Together with openly gay student Walter she lays the groundwork to start a Gay-Straight Alliance club at her new school. Through the GSA, she meets Trevor, a smart and charming young man—raised by his gay uncle Daniel—with whom she becomes smitten.

Will Tru follow her heart and stay true to herself, or will she continue to cover for Lo, who feels he has too much to lose to be true to himself?

Starts 02/28/2008
Ends 05/28/2008

Issues Family & Society, Gay/Lesbian, Youth, Gay/Lesbian Discrimination, Gay/Lesbian Marriage, Identity