Bruce Vilanch Writes Article For “Out Traveler” Magazine

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Mister D:

Mr. Vilanch has a new article in Out Traveler Magazine which you can also read online at The mag sent him to the Sandal’s Resorts to test out their new gay-friendly policies.

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So, would we GLBTQIA’ers (some gay communities have added a couple of more letters as you can see, but I’ve decided with age that I’m just going to put everybody under a blanket of gay…seriously, I’m afraid I’ll just start making up answers to what the letters mean and believe me, there is no telling what will come out of my mouth.) To be on the safe side I don’t speak for Mr. Vilanch on this issue…I’m just protecting my right to be ignorant….:-)

Okay, here’s an excerpt from the article….and might I say I think the picture and the article are awesome fuckin’ nawesome…yeah, I’m hip, so look it up:

Out Traveler
Trying On Sandals
by Bruce Vilanch
Winter Issue (Jan 7, 2008)

They make you fill out a customs form when you land in the Bahamas. Under “Purpose of Visit” the following choices are listed in this specific order: Honeymoon. Wedding. Renewal of Vows. Business. Pleasure. Evidently none of the first three is considered business or pleasure, although the island nation earns the bulk of its income from turning pleasure into business. There’s also a category called Other, in which I tried to write “Money Laundering,” but there just wasn’t enough room. So I settled for Honeymoon and waited for the Tyra Banks impersonator posing as a customs officer to notice that there were two men standing before her, casually holding hands. But it must have been late in her shift, because she cast barely an eye over the form as she computer-scanned our passports and said to a spot on the wall behind us, “You fellows here on vacation? Enjoy yourselves.” She hadn’t given us any time to answer, so we just nodded and began singing “Follow the yellow brick road” as we skipped away. Honestly, we couldn’t be gayer.

For the rest of the article: Click Here