Naked Boys Singing! Trailer – DVD Release December 4, 2007

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Directed by
Robert Schrock
Troy Christian (co-director)

Stephen Bates
Marie Cain
Shelly Markham
David Pevsner
Robert Schrock
Rayme Sciaroni
Trance Thompson
Bruce Vilanch
Mark Winkler

Darryl Anderle … co-producer
Kermit Johns … executive producer
Ilo Orleans … co-producer
Jennifer Schaefer … line producer
Kirkland Tibbels … producer
G. Sterling Zinsmeyer … executive producer

Andrew Blake Ames … Jack’s Song
Jason Currie … Entertainer
Jaymes Hodges … Nothin’ but the Radio On
Joseph Keane … Perky Porn Star
Anthony Manough … Muscle Addiction
Joe Souza … Bliss of a Bris, Announcer
Kevin Alexander Stea … Naked Maid
Phong Truong … Window to the Soul
Salvatore Vassallo … Conductor
Vincent Zamora … Window to Window

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