Bruce Vilanch Summoned For “Jury Duty”

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Press Release: Sept 17, 2007

Court is now in session for Celebrity Attorney Vicki Roberts on new TV show “Jury Duty.” This isn’t about a pool cue — who stole whose girl?!

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) September 17, 2007 — Executive Producer Vincent Dymon has been busy serving up jury duty notices to celebrities for his new syndicated series, “Jury Duty.” Phyllis Diller, Bruce Vilanch, Paula Poundstone, and celebrity attorney/actress Vicki Roberts are among the celebrities set to serve as jurors in the newly, much-anticipated original series. According to Radar Entertainment, the independent company headed up by Vincent and Linda Dymon that is distributing and producing the show, which utilizes real small claims cases, the celebrity court reality show has already cleared more than 80% of the U.S. markets for its September 17th launch.

“Jury Duty,” which is presided over by Judge Bruce Cutler (New York lawyer famous for defending mob boss John Gotti and recently part of the Phil Spector defense team), features celebrities serving as jury members who would normally be excused from jury duty because of their public status.

Sharing the juror’s box with television’s “Growing Pains” Tracey Gold and two-time Olympic gold medal winner Maurice Greene, longtime veteran at civil litigation, Vicki Roberts, was able to bring her expertise in California law to the television show.

“I was caught off guard when they served me a notice to show up for jury duty!” said Vicki Roberts, celebrity attorney and actress. I am used to standing in front of the judge, so being a part of the jury gave me the opportunity to deliberate with my peers on each case. It was challenging, comical, and fascinating!”

Unlike a normal court case, “Jury Duty” features three celebrity jurors who take turns asking the litigants questions about the case. During one segment with Roberts, two men were arguing over a stolen pool cue and who should pay for its theft. Roberts astutely exclaimed, “This isn’t about a pool cue — who stole whose girl?!”

“Vicki Roberts is a talented and inspirational lady,” stated Executive Producer, Vincent Dymon. “I personally have great respect for her and the mark she’s made in this industry. I look forward to having her return to Jury Duty next season.”

With over twenty-four years of experience in the courtroom, Vicki Roberts has represented some of the most recognizable faces in the entertainment industry. She has served as a legal commentator for Celebrity Justice, Extra, MSNBC’s The Abrams Report, and VH1’s legal music show, Rock and a Hard Place. Her expertise in the legal system can also be found in her contribution to the newly released book introduced by Larry King, Beyond a Reasonable Doubt.

Vicki Roberts is also known for her guest-starring role in the critically acclaimed feature film “Being Michael Madsen” where she actually consulted and wrote much of her dialogue consistent with her experience as a litigator. The highly anticipated film will premiere at the Raindance Film Festival in London this fall. She is also the Executive Producer of and is featured in the documentary drama, “Through Your Eyes” which features the only deaf-blind triplets in the world, and was the executive producer and co-producer of the short film, “Passengers” directed by Luis Cuenca Castro.

The guest stars on “Jury Duty” agree that being served by TV pioneer, self distributor Vincent Dymon is a good thing. Not only did Dymon shake up the usual way of doing business in the world of TV, but he managed to score top markets of New York (WPIX), Los Angeles (KCAL) and Chicago (WCIU) on an all-barter basis and sell the format to broadcasters in at least three international territories.

Vicki Roberts can be seen on five separate court cases where she and her guest co-stars will render verdicts on five separate shows that will be aired randomly throughout the season.

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