New Show “Jury Duty”: New York Magazine Jury Gives It A “Must See”!

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Mon 9 Jul 2007
New Show “Jury Duty”: New York Magazine Gives It A Thumbs Up!
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Mister D: Maybe Mr. Vilanch could give us an idea of when this hits the air?????

New York Magazine
Dan Kolls
July 9th 2007

Celebrity Jurors Cast: Jury Duty, syndicated court show featuring celebrity jurors, names cast of stars who will make an appearance in the box, and it’s a cornucopia of C-list delight: Phyllis Diller, Ed Begley Jr., Tiffany, Todd Bridges, Bruce Vilanch, and Scott Hamilton particularly excite us. This show will be so great we wish we weren’t too old to get stoned and watch TV. [HR]