Bruce Vilanch Plays At The HA! Comedy Club Tomorrow Night, Thursday, 11:00 PM Eastern

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Sorry, I just found out. This guy works harder than Paris Hilton trying to get out of a police ticket! (ba da bing!) Hey, I’m just trying to give my readers a few guffaws. What have you done lately? By the way who’s got Vegas odds on Paris getting shanked in prison? How many of you are hoping Paris gets shanked in prison? Of course we don’t want her dead…just a lesson…you must develop a talent!

Okay! Bruce is appearing in a comedy improv show this Thursday night called “Don’t Quit Your Night Job – Broadway After Hours.” (11:00 PM Central) Also some of the cast from “Spalding Gray: Stories Left To Tell” will be there. Try to be there by 10:30 PM

This will be a great night – funny and maybe a little wicked! 🙂

Love, Mister D