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About me:

I’ve always been a two-faced fella: Bearded, I’m a Hollywood comedy writer, winner of a bunch of Emmys and noted as the “Hollywood Square” just to the left of Whoopi. Shaved, I spent two years as Edna Turnblad, Baltimore housewife and superstar, on tour and on Broadway in the musical adaptation of the John Waters film “Hairspray.”

Most recently in 2006, I was seen on VH1’s popular fitness and nutrition reality-series, “Celebrity Fit Club.” I won my Emmys for co-writing back-to-back Oscar shows with Billy Crystal. I’ve written 16 Oscar-casts so far, as well as a number of Tonys, Grammys, and even Emmys, although I’ve never gotten an Emmy for writing an Emmy – that would be award-show incest of the lowest order. My bizarre career is documented in the film “Get Bruce!,” released by Miramax, and my one-man show, “Almost Famous,” tickled Off-Broadway audiences for three months. I am frequently mistaken for Brad Pitt

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