Update: 08-24-06

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Mister D:

Bruce gets chatted up by Mr. Billy Masters (why, oh why can’t I get a teensy interview???)

Bruce and Jeff Stryker!!!!

Bruce to do his one man show as a benefit for the Provinctown Theatre Labor Day Weekend!!!

I do believe Mister Vilanch qualifies as one of the hardest working men is showbiz!!!

Did I use enough exclamation points in this update????? (!!!!!)

Love, Mister D

From Bay Windows
by Billy Masters
August 24, 2006

(Mister D: The above show (in EL-Lay) has been extended (no pun intended) thru Sept 3, 2006) For ticket information: Click Here)

I had a chance to chat with the divine Bruce Vilanch last week on One In Ten, the weekly gay radio program on Boston’s WFNX. We kibitzed about the show he’s been working on in Los Angeles with Jeff Stryker in addition to some special upcoming gigs. You can listen in at www.BillyMasters.com.

One thing La Vilanch is particularly excited about is heading to Provincetown over Labor Day weekend. No, he won’t be vacationing (although something tells me he’ll get some fun in). Brucie will be doing his fabu one-man show as a benefit for the Provincetown Theatre Sept. 1-3.

For more information, you can head to PtownTix.com. FYI, I’ll be at the Friday night show (like Bruce, I love an opening).