Bruce Quacks With The Other Ducks In “Queer Duck: The Movie”

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A Report From the Front Lines: The 30th San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival
by Jeffrey M. Anderson

Based on an internet cartoon, Mike Reiss’s hilarious animated film Queer Duck: The Movie takes the clunky, simple, flash-animated characters and gives them a big-screen story arc. Queer Duck (voiced by Jim J. Bullock) meets an aging diva and turns her into a Broadway star. He contemplates marrying her and — against his will — undergoes a radical “cure” for homosexuality. This doesn’t sit right with Queer Duck’s lifemate, “Openly” Gator (voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson), nor his other close pals, Oscar Wildcat (voiced by Maurice LaMarche) and Bi-Polar Bear (voiced by Billy West). The limited animation betrays the film’s ambitious scale, but there are plenty of snarky laughs. David Duchovny, Conan O’Brien, Bruce VIlanch and Mark Hamill provide other voices.