Bruce Vilanch To Host The DPA Comedy Benefit In L.A.! Monday, April 10, 2006

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Fun & Philanthropy: You’re Invited To The DPA Comedy Benefit In L.A.!
March 22, 2006

Join the Drug Policy Alliance as we gather to mock, amuse and rock our way to ending the war on drugs at the fabulous Skirball Center in Los Angeles – a location with beautiful architecture and views, as well as plenty of free parking!

What: DPA Comedy Benefit in Association with UnCabaret
When: Monday, April 10, 2006, 6:00 pm for cocktails, 7:30 pm for dinner and program
Where: Skirball Center, 2701 N. Sepulveda Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90049

More information including how to register can be found here.

The event honors drug policy reform leaders Jodie Evans, Arianna Huffington, and Max Palevsky and will be hosted by Bruce Vilanch, the well-known wordsmith behind the witty one-liners of The Academy Awards.

Generously providing the entertainment will be:

Andy Dick (and his band, The Bitches of the Century) – Besides amusing the masses through his portrayal of memorable characters in NewsRadio, Less Than Perfect and numerous films, Andy Dick’s personal experience(s) with the enforcement end of the war on drugs makes him the ideal candidate to poke fun. Now in musical form!

Jason Flom – This “A&R star” recently became the “44-Year Old Virgin” – Chairman and CEO of Virgin Records US. Jason is that rare record exec who finds mandatory minimum sentences as ludicrous as yodeling becoming the new rap-metal. Plus, having him on the DPA board makes our board meetings a lot less boring.

Beth Lapides – Co-founder of the “alternative comedy” phenomenon Un-Cabaret, this bold comedienne-actress-artist once campaigned to make “First Lady” an elected office. We’re guessing her platform wasn’t “Just Say No.”

Taylor Negron – As if being Jewish and Latino isn’t funny enough. In his various film and TV alter-egos, Taylor Negron has beat down Bruce Willis, gotten his legs cut off on ER, and been manhandled by Paris Hilton. His hilarious take on the war on drugs promises to be similarly hard-hitting.

Jill Sobule – Called “criminally underappreciated” by music critics, Jill Sobule offers her music as a “deeply personal and socially responsible” window onto the most pressing issues of our times. She was such a crowd favorite at our last benefit that we’re bringing her back for another round!

Choose Your Involvement:

If you like your laughter up close and personal, Preferred Seating for $600 per ticket ($500 of which is tax-deductible) is the only way to go. Wine and dine at a reception and sit-down dinner with other DPA supporters and VIPs.

If you would rather enjoy your comedy amongst the crowd, General Seating for $350 per ticket ($250 is tax-deductible) is the place for you. And you still get the tasty meal and drinks.

No time to schmooze but still want to laugh?

We have Unreserved Seating available for only $125 per ticket ($100 is tax-deductible). You arrive at 7:30, skip the food and focus on the essentials: two drinks and the program.

Remember, all proceeds benefit Drug Policy Alliance! To purchase tickets, please call 323.314.7000 by April 1, 2006.