Bruce, Special Guest In “Queer Duck—The Movie”

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The Advocate
November 5. 2005
Queer Duck—The Movie enters production

Paramount Home Entertainment announced Thursday that it has green-lit a feature-length version of the popular Queer Duck animated shorts from Simpsons writer Mike Reiss. Queer Duck (voiced by out actor Jim J. Bullock) began as an online character before his animated adventures were picked up by the Showtime network and screened in conjunction with Queer as Folk. “Mike Reiss and his creative team have created a truly funny story filled with more of the outrageous, shocking antics that fans of Queer Duck will enjoy,” said Thomas Lesinski, president of Paramount Pictures worldwide home entertainment, in a statement. “Queer Duck, an Internet short animated on a home computer, went on to be named one of the ‘Hundred Greatest Cartoons of All Time’ by the BBC,” said Reiss. “I’m delighted Paramount Home Entertainment is taking it to the next level.”

The film will feature the original cast of Bullock, Kevin Michael Richardson (as Openly Gator), Maurice LaMarche (as Oscar Wildcat), and Billy West (as Bi Polar Bear), along with special guests Conan O’Brien, Andy Dick, Bruce Vilanch, Tim Curry, Mark Hammill, and David Duchovny (as “Tiny Jesus”). Queer Duck—The Movie is set for a 2006 release.