Extra! Extra!: Bruce Vilanch Checks Into VH1’s Celebrity Fit Club!

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I know I’m bombarding everyone with updates, but I can’t help it if the man stays busy! 🙂

Just got an exclusive ( I have to tout because it’s so, so rare!) that Bruce will be in VH1’s Celebrity Fit Club next season! Yes!!! He gets to be paid to lose weight!!! But these coaches are rough…so don’t get your panties all tied in knots when they start screaming at Mister V. 🙁

Anyway, Bruce starts filming the series September 9th, on and off, through December 21, 2005. The new season will air in early 2006. So let’s just wish him the best of luck in this endeavor.

His fellow cast members will be:

Chastity Bono
Jeff Conaway
Young MC
Tempest Bledsoe
Kelly Le Brock
Contessa Vaughn
Bizarre ( of Eminem’s posse!)

I don’t know about you, but I can’t “weight” to see this show! (now you see why Bruce is the comedy writer and I am not!)