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IMMEDIATE RELEASE Ted Trent, Los Angeles, 213-891-9345 enters its third year of programming

As networks scurry to create gay programming, enters its third year of entertaining, enriching, educating and informing all audiences of the realities of gay life. As a gay television network on the Internet, it receives over 300,000 monthly views of its programs. This April, also premieres its first original 60 minute documentary called, “Spouses For Life.” From the steps of San Francisco’s City Hall on Valentine’s Day 2004, owner Ted Trent interviewed couples and children who walked through the once-locked doors to gay marriage. The documentary also allows you to travel into a gay church service and a gay wedding expo.

The biggest hit of the year on is entitled, Hyped! It’s a movie review show that celebrates the diversity of cinema and sexuality. Hyped! reviews movies, CDs, and DVDs with separate casts giving you the ups and downs of big studios hyped projects. People flock to this program to make sure they aren’t going to buy into the studio hype. Currently, you can watch the DVD cast as they review Lost In Translation. This cast includes a straight female comedian, a bisexual go- go dancer, a drag queen, and two gay males.

The second most popular program on is Out on the Streets with Momma. Momma interviews all kinds of celebrities. On a recent episode of the show, Momma goes with Norm from the first season of MTV Real World into a local bathroom to find out what is going on with him since MTV. In past episodes, celebrities have always filled the screen. Celebrities on Out on the Streets with Momma and on other shows include Jim Verros from American Idol, Anne Judson- Yager from Bring It On Again, Bruce Vilanch, California Senator Sheila Kuehl, Betty Degeneres, Margaret Cho, Judith Light, John Benjamin Hickey and Christopher Sieber of It’s All Relative, Megan Mullally of Will and Grace, Kathy Najimy of King of the Hill, Boy Meets Boy James Getzlaff, The Amazing Race Reichen Lehmkuhl, David Dukes of Gods and Monsters, Doris Roberts from Everyone Loves Raymond and many more.

Other shows include a lesbian soap opera called, The Complex, a Christian talk show called, The Born-A-Gayns, a 20/20 style program called, Profiles, and much, much more.

“I want the world to see that gay is not what they think it is. We are not all like Queer as Folk or Will and Grace characters. We are as diverse in our community as straights are diverse in theirs. Our goal with is to educate all people on diverse topics using gay people as our stars,” states owner Ted Trent. “With gay marriage the main topic in most conversations these days, it’s important people learn who they are supporting or opposing. It is not fair that we are portrayed as satanic worshippers that the religious right portray us as being. We are school teachers, authors, lawyers, comedians, auto mechanics, farmers, politicians, preachers, senators, just to name a few.”

Ted invites all media to take a moment and watch some of our free programs on It may heavily influence you on your next article regarding gay marriage. He also invites producers, journalists, broadcast news programmers, and other media representatives to interview the stars of or even Ted Trent himself. To arrange an interview, please call Los Angeles at 213-891-9345 or email