Bruce Bytes: Get It? Good!!!

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Mister V sends a warm hello from the freezing depths that is Chicago at this minute…it is an ungodly 10…not the good kind of 10, ya dig, but bad as in degrees…I remember when 10 was a good thing.

There is still no word yet as to who will take Harvey’ s place in “Hairpsray” once he leaves in May. Mister V will still be in the traveling road show, but don’t count him out in the future. As with anything, everything is under negotiations…in the meantime, look for Hairspray coming to town near you!

The DVD of “Get Bruce” has been released….FINALLY! I’m getting it and I recommend those of you who have not seen it yet, either rent the hell out of it or buy the damn thing!!! I bought it when it was released as a video and I paid Big Bucks…it’s that good. Now you can get it for cheap! And I expect to do that, too…it’ a great documentary where Bruce puts funny things in celebrity’s mouths…that sounds dirty, but ya know what I mean…:-)

Bruce will not be writing for the Oscars this year, but when you think about it…how could he??? The man’s not a machine!!!! He’s doing “Hairspray almost every night with a few matinees for good measure…he’s also keeping up with Bette’s mega successful “Kiss My Brass” Tour which he helped write…so you know some cell phones are ringing at all hours of the day and night…

Oscar night will find Bruce in Minneapolis where he and the cast of Hairspray will be mixing and mingling at a local AIDS charity benefit after their performance at the Orpheum. On Monday, March 1, their usual day off, Bruce and the cast will be performing for local AIDS charities…Bruce will be the emcee or host with the most….

In the meantime, Mister V says he is having a blast playing Edna and that’s all that really matters..have fun, Bruce!!!

Love, Mister D