Jim Vukovich: Musical Director/Conductor of “Hairspray” Talks ‘Bruce’

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Mister D: I am pleased to tell the readers of “We Got Bruce” that Mr. Vukovich will be dropping in every once in awhile with some updates on the touring company of “Hairspray” starring Mr. Vilanch. Mr. Vukovich is the Musical Director/Conductor for the National Touring Company of “Hairspray”, so I feel this is quite an honor. I have put up links to his webpage where you can learn more about him. So, with that, enjoy the story. Thank you very much Jim!

Concerning Bruce’s opening night ad libs in Boston. It was live theatre at it’s best. What happend is this……In a scene where Bruce is alone on stage in the 1st act, he is talking on the telephone, finishes his call and hangs up the phone. The telephone is then supposed to ring prompting another telephone call. Well, the phone DID NOT ring. Bruce waited and waited and then in true Bruce fashion, he turned to the audience and asked “Did you hear the telephone ring? I could swear I heard the telephone ring!”….He then picked up the phone and said “Can you hear me now?” Well, the audience roared and he continued with the scene. Later in the scene the telephone rang (where it was supposed to). He gestured to the audience and again got another huge laugh. The man is completely hilarious and has incredible timing. In Act II during his duet, “Timeless To Me”, with his onstage husband Wilbur (Todd Susman), his ad libs keep me on my toes. I’m never quite sure what he’s gonna do but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Jim Vukovich
– Musical Director/Conductor for the Nat’l. Tour of Hairspray