Why ‘We Got Bruce’, Why We Love Bruce! AD LIBS!!!!

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From Boston Globe.com

Mister D: I heard there were technical problems and Bruce had to do some ad libs. While I don’t know exactly what happened (maybe the hairspray can wouldn’t open), I love a man who is quick on his feet under pressure…something tells me I have this whole expression wrong, but I woke up late and never, ever forget…I’m blonde!

ALL ABOARD Is there anyone in town not rooting for the Red Sox? (If yes, we’re sure someone’s taking names.) Bridging the gap of the worlds of sports and theater, Bruce Vilanch, starring in “Hairspray” at the Colonial Theatre, literally stopped the show on opening night with an ad lib about the hometown heroes. During “You Can’t Stop the Beat,” Vilanch, as Edna Turnblad, came out of a giant can of hairspray in a red dress saying the only thing missing from the outfit was “red socks.” The audience roared with its approval