Welcome to: “We Got Bruce”

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This site is such a work in progress, I didn’t even have my e-mail or contact information on it:-) I’ll try to fix that today. You can reach me at:


Also, you will need to have your sound on to get the full effect of certain pages like “Friends” and the Hairspray section uses Flash and sound, so that may be a problem for some….just give me time:-)

Thanks Jane and Sara for already weighing in on the site….

I really want to emphasize the help I received from Darrell, Barry, and Chef Bev, and the Miro brothers whom I forgot to thank…they have been sending me fabulous original Bette and Bruce artwork which I just love…Darrell, thank you for hooking me up with these guys…I literally could not have gotten as far as I did without all these peole’s help. Hope I wasn’t too pushy or that my ideas were too hare-brained.

Anyway, there is much more work to be done, but I just had to get it up (not what you’re thinking) It forces me to work much quicker…

Okay, enough about that…

Love, Mister D